Protective styling


What do you do when you are determined to keep your Afro hair natural, i.e. free of destructive chemical perms and relaxers, and damaging weave glue or thread.....yet you do not have time to spend on maintaining or repairing your hair style, which typically disappears seconds after you step out into the rain, wind, sun, pollution, etc.? 

You reach for 'protective styling' (a.k.a. wigs!), to cover and protect your own natural hair of course! But what if you cannot find any that resemble your own hair texture and volume, AND, actually look real? Well, if you are Simi Belo, the award winning inventor of the U-part wig concept, you go off and make your own!

Cue Natural Hair Forever!, a selection of stunning natural-looking Afro-centric ‘protective styling’ hair styles. Available exclusively from Simi Belo's award-winning SimiWeave™ U-part wig brand, each style allows you to sport a natural hair style, while protecting and nurturing your own natural hair underneath. Yup, that's a whole lot of natural!

Scheduled to launch in Q1 2021, the Natural Hair Forever! range replaces the 'More Natural' range of Afro, braided and twisted styles available from SimiWeave™.

New to wigs and / or U-part wigs?

Wigs, or to be precise, traditional wigs, have full oval caps. They cover and protect your whole head of hair but at the expense of realism. Unnecessary fringes, outdated hair bands, plastic-looking fake scalps, enforced partings and suspiciously big hair and more, are used to hide the stitching at the front.  And because these features also conceal the wearer’s own roots and hairline, it is apparent that the hair is not really growing out of the head and is therefore fake!


Partial-cap wigs, such as ‘half wigs’ and ‘three-quarter wigs’ or falls, address this by allowing you to leave out a substantial amount – half and one quarter respectively - of your own hair to blend in with the wig hair.  However, having to leave out, care for, and style so much of your own hair can defeat the purpose of wearing a wig for protection from the elements!  Also, a tell-tale bump always arises at the point where the attached hair begins! 

And then there are lace front wigs.  They are full oval cap wigs with skin-coloured lace caps that deliberately protrude from the front and sides of the wig, for attachment to the skin by glue. The lace that is glued down is skin-coloured and even features baby hair, in a desperate attempt to deliver realism along the hairline. Lace fronts can look real when custom-made but cost top dollar.  Many wearers find them itchy and uncomfortable and many more react to the glues used to attach the lace to the forehead.

Simi's award winning U part wig concept looks like a wig that someone has literally taken a bite out of, at the front. That ‘bite’ or gap is Simi's simple but well-observed award winning and patented design. It can be on the left, in the centre or on the right, depending on the style you go for. It allows you to bring out your own hair, and create an authentic parting in your hairstyle. This shows off your real scalp and roots, so the hair appears to be growing out of your head. The result: unbelievably realistic, quick and stunning styles that you achieved yourself at home!

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