Natural Hair Forever! is a new forum for learning about, caring for and celebrating natural hair (Afro hair or hair of those of African heritage). Register as a member (it's free!) to ask, recommend, advise, illustrate, demonstrate, and altogether to share anything and everything to do with natural hair.

This forum is brought to you by SimiWeave™, the ORIGINAL and best U part wig.  Wait! Although our brand name includes that word 'weave', we have always been totally against the use of thread, glue or damaging chemicals on the hair!  We've always advocated caring for and maintaining your own, natural hair - using protective styling - and our selection has always been dominated by natural-looking yaki finishes. We have also introduced many different Afro-centric styles, including braided, twisted and Afro-kinky SimiWeaves™.


Coming soon (ETA February 2021), a Natural Hair Forever!  line of natural hair SimiWeave™ styles designed to allow you to protect and nurture your own natural Afro hair, while sporting a natural hair style! (Yup, that's a whole lot of natural!) 

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